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Myth, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Texture, Bump, Displacement, BUM)
Filesize: 22Mb
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2015
File Type: CR2
Polys: 95,850
Vertices: 95,929
Groups: 55
Materials: 15

Inhabiting only regions of icy cold, yeti are seldom encountered by warm-blooded mankind. Actually, they are also seldom encountered by cold blooded humankind, lizard men, and so on, either, as ectothermic creatures traditionally don't do so well in the freezing cold. But anyway... those who do have the misfortune to stumble upon these monsters seldom live to tell the tale, for yeti are very fond of human flesh. Somehow. Even though the preceding bit pretty much said they have most likely never tried it. But remember, according to Gygax logic, "evil" and "cannibalistic" are pretty much synonyms, and "cannibalistic" means "eats humans (and elves for good measure)." Hey, don't blame me. I just model them and then make fun of the stupid parts of the text.

Description: Thse bulky, 300+ pound creatures are covered in long white fur. Their eyes are pale blue or almost colourless.