Carrion Crawler

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Textures: Figure
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Last Updated: 1 March 2015
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Carrion crawlers storngly resemble a cross between a giant green cutworm and a huge cephalopod. They are usually found only in subterranean areas. The carrion crawler is, at its name implies, a scavenger, but this does not preclude aggressive attacks upon living creatores. This is because in a D&D world, seriously, literally everything wants to eat you. Everything. Also note that anything that is considered a bad guy has to be gross. Look, Gygax even has orcs deliberately wearing ugly colours. So of course, you know this guy here must be pretty gross, too. At least it's not a poop-eater (stay tuned for the eventual otyugh, though).

This figure comes fully rigged, with displacement, normal, and texture maps. You'll have to supply your own sticky goop for the tentacles. (In fairness, the drawing it's based on didn't show any goop, either.)