Dragon, Blue

Downloads: 1333 Blue Dragon
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Texture, Bump/Displacement, Specularity
Filesize: 32Mb
Last Updated: 10 Aug 2015
File Type: CR2
Polys: 91,377
Vertices: 91,438
Groups: 107
Materials: 22

Blue dragons typically prefer deserts and arid lands; like others of their kind their lair is always some vast cave or underground cavern.

Extensive hand-painted scales merging perfectly with highly detailed displacement mapping brings this figure to life and creates a uniquely dragony dragon you just can't make from that other, expensive dragon. Complex weight mapping makes for fully poseable wings bringing life to your Dungeons & Dragons renders.

This is the second of the chromatic dragons which will lead up to Tiamat herself. Stay tuned!